Throttle Position Sensor FAQ

What does the Throttle Position Sensor (TPS) do?

On non-oil injected dirt bikes, the TPS is used in conjuntion with the jetted carburetor to slightly advance and retard the timing at closed and wide open throttle positions to help it run cleaner. If you try riding with it disconnected using your stock carburetor, you will notice a substantial performance loss. Lectrons are purely mechanical and do not require it.

What do I do with mine?

Simply disconnect it from your stock carburetor, tape up or heat shrink the end to prevent debris from getting in it, and tie it off out of the way (usually zip-tied to the frame).

 Why doesn't Lectron develop a carburetor that accepts a TPS?

Based on our in-house and field testing, running a more expensive Lectron with TPS and a stock ignition provided little to no benefit. Simplicity is key when it comes to two strokes, and removing a sensor that is prone to failing is always a good thing when there are no downsides!