Rebuilds start at $115 per carb single carb (dirt bike, atv, etc).  
This includes tearing down the carb(s), ultrasonic cleaning, replacing the slide, gaskets, o-rings, vent lines, needle seat valve, recementing and curing the body halves, and pressure testing.

4 cylinder rebuilds are $700 and sled carbs are $150 each The service includes tearing down the carbs, ultrasonic cleaning, replacing the gaskets, o-rings, vent lines, needles and seats, metering rods, reassembly, dyno syncing, and return ground shipping. We do NOT support short body carbs. If your metering rod measures under 2.435" +/- .010", you have a short body carburetor and it will not be serviced.

Any hard parts (bowls, floats, needles and seats, slides, etc) can be quoted separately.

High Velocity upgrades are $145 per carb with a rebuild included.
Power Jets can be added for $125 per carb (rebuild is included in the price)