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Special Price $29.99

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    Lectron Slides

    A spare slide and metering rod is an excellent option to switch tunes quickly without losing your place.


    Make sure your slide moves freely from closed to wide open before running the bike!

    Lectron slides are made out of zinc to prevent the aluminum carb body from wearing. If your slide has a ring worn in it, it is time to buy a new one. These are designed to be wear items so the aluminum bodies of the carbs have a much longer operating life than a traditional carburetor with a hardened or coated slide. 

    If you have a carburetor from the '70s that takes an allen key to set the metering rod, these will NOT work for you.

    If you have a "short body" carburetor from the '80s, these will NOT work.

    We do NOT accept returns on slides under any circumstances. Measure your slide!

    READ - Instructions


    Different generation carburetors have different size slides. The standard tolerance is +/- .005" for a slide. If yours varies MORE than the listed tolerance, you have a modified slide. Contact us directly with your slide measurements to get the proper slide.

    How to Measure Your Slide: Use the jaws from a set of calipers to measure the overall height from the top of the slide to the bottom like in the picture below. The tolerances are +/- .005"




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