Oil & Gas FAQ

Should I change my oil or mix ratio when running a Lectron?

Lectron always recommends mixing your oil according to the manufacturer's specifications, which can usually be found on the oil bottle or on their website. Tune your Lectron for the best performance. If you have great performance, but are getting a lot of smoke and spooge, then consider changing to a different oil. Oils with higher flash points will often create more spooge out of the exhaust, because your dirt bike is not getting hot enough to burn it all.

What gas should I run?

Run whatever fuel your engine requires. Higher compression engines may require higher octane fuels. Running too high of an octane fuel in a standard or slightly elevated compression dirt bike can often have a negative impact on performance. Lectron does not recommend oxygenated race gas unless it is required, due to the additional tuning it requires for minimal gain. Switching to standard race gas from pump gas requires minimal tuning using the pump gas metering rod. Switching from pump gas or standard race gas to oxygenated race gas will require considerable tuning and potentially a richer metering rod.