My Carburetor is Overflowing or Not Filling

The needle seat valve controls all of the fuel flow into your carburetor. If it is not filling, a sharp tap on the float bowl support bracket can help restore flow. If that does not solve the issue, or your carburetor is over flowing, follow the steps below.

Most needle seat valve issues can be resolved by cleaning and lubricating the valve.

1). Drain as much fuel as possible from the float bowl. This can be done by turning the petcock off and allowing the bike to idle until it is out of fuel.

2). Spray a shot of WD-40 through the fuel inlet barb (what the fuel line connects to on the carburetor).

3). Spray a shot of compressed air at a moderate pressure through the inlet barb.

4). Repeat steps 2 and 3 three times.

5). Restart the bike and see if the issue is still present. If the issue is still present, contact Lectron.