Q: What is the difference between the standard and High Velocity carburetors?

A: All of our carburetors use venturi for faster fuel pickup, meaning they taper at the center of the bore. For example, a standard 38mm Lectron tapers 2mm at the center (slide), so it is 38mm at the air box side, 36mm at the slide, and 38mm at the engine side. The High Velocity tapers 4mm, meaning it is 38mm at the air filter side, 34mm at the slide, and about 38mm at the engine side. This results in faster fuel pickup at low throttle positions, creating better bottom end and mid-range power. It acts like a smaller carb (torquey) while revving out like a bigger carb (revs out). Either will be an all around improvement over your stock carburetor, but the High Velocity models will have noticeably more bottom end and mid-range.

Q: What do I do with my TPS (for non-oil injected models)?

A: Follow the lead up the harness and unplug it. Remove it with your stock carburetor and tape up (or heat shrink) the plug, so dirt can't get in it. Some stock carburetors need the TPS to alter the timing to help with idling (YZ, RM, KX, CR, etc.), but it is not necessary with the Lectron.

Q: Why is my bike hard to start?

A: Use your choke if it is cold. If it is hard to start hot, your metering rod could be lean. Adjust it ¼ turn richer, and see if it starts and runs better. If that still does not help, check your reeds. Reeds that aren't sealing completely will cause starting issues.

Q: If I see smoke and spooge, do I need to lean it out?

A: If your bike has good performance, then it is most likely not rich. Certain brand oils and mixtures smoke and spooge more than others. Tune it for the best performance, not the least amount of smoke. Once the performance is dialed in, try a different brand or flavor of oil.

Q: Should I change my oil mixture when switching to the Lectron?

A: Each oil is engineered differently. Mix your oil according to the oil manufacturer’s specs (usually printed on the bottle).

Q: Should I adjust my carburetor before installing it?

A: Always run it before you adjust it! They are typically tuned within ¼ turn from the factory. We include the set length on your invoice for you to refer to.

Q: Why does my bike sound rich immediately off idle, but run great otherwise?

A: Metering rod carbs draw fuel differently and sound different from a jetted carb. Always tune for the best performance.

Q: Why does my RPM hang before dropping back down to a labored idle?

A: Your bike is most likely rich. Try going 1/4 turn leaner on your rod. A labored idle is a rich condition, a screaming hanging idle is a lean condition.

Q: Why is my idle screw turned all the way in and still too low?

A: Your metering rod is rich. Lean it out 1/4 to 1/2 of a turn, and it will give you more adjustment in your idle screw. Do NOT jam your idle screw into the slide of your carburetor by over tightening it!

Q: Why is there air in my fuel line?

A: All fuel lines will have some air in them. The difference is now you can see it in our transparent lines and you couldn’t in the factory lines.

Q: How does Lectron tune the carbs differently than a dealer?

A: Most off-the-shelf dealer carburetors are sent out with a standard tune that will work for most riders, with most standard modifications, on standard fuels, at most elevations. If you are a pro rider, have a highly modified bike, use exotic race fuels, or have some other special circumstance that can drastically influence the tuning, we will take those into consideration when building the carburetor through our detail forms on each product page. If you have some special circumstance and order from a dealer, please make sure they are aware of that prior to installing the carburetor. That way, we can work with them to make sure we have the best setup for you ahead of time. 

Q: Does that mean I never have to tune a Lectron?

A:  No. While Lectrons are sent out to work well for most people out of the box, different people have different preferences and different bikes need different tunes. Example: You like more punch off the bottom end and prefer a bike to run richer with more torque, while your buddy likes to run at 1/16th throttle and doesn't need all the power. He might like a leaner setting, while you might like a richer setting.

If you have tried going richer and leaner on the stock metering rod and can't get it exactly how you like it (too rich off idle, too lean in the mid-range, etc.), try a different metering rod. Lectrons are infinitely adjustable and we have metering rods for anything from a 65cc dirt bike to a 2000cc Hayabusa on alcohol. If you can't find exactly what you are looking for, we are always available for tuning help.