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Basic Starting Settings For Standard Fuels


Metering Rod:  Carbs come pretuned from the factory. DO NOT ADJUST THE ROD. If you feel like you need to adjust the rod, CALL LECTRON FIRST.

                                         Carb Size                     Idle Screw (Turns from Seated)                    Mixture Screw Tuning Range (Turns from Seated)

36mm                                         2 1/4                                                                         7/8-1 1/4

 38mm                                         2 1/4                                                                          7/8-1 1/4

 40mm                                         2 1/4                                                                          7/8-1 1/4

Note:  If you turn your idle up too high, you will bypass the idle circuit completely. You should not have to make more than a 1/4 turn adjustment in either direction. If you do, call Lectron.


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