All Dirt Bike Cables

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All Dirt Bike Cables

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    To prevent cables from wearing out prematurely read our installation and adjustment guide first! It is found on our guides page above!

    10mm cables are found on KTM/HUSA/HUSQ, GasGas, Beta, and Honda bikes OEM and those equipped with G2 Domino throttles.

    8mm cables are found on Yamaha, Suzuki, and Kawasaki dirt bikes or those equipped with Motion Pro Vortex throttles.

    The long cables are 3" longer than standard Lectron cables.

    They are recommended on YZ and GasGas dirt bikes or any that wish to route their cables in front of their triple clamps and down the left side of their frames.

    All the cables thread into the top of the carbs. If you have an older carb with a slip-in adjuster, you will need to upgrade to p/n 2100-m to use these cables.



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